Will you give $15 a month?

We are challenging everyone to give at least $15 per month, to help the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center continue to change lives.
Think $15 a month can't change anything? Watch our video below.


We are a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1998 by many devoted people throughout Butler County who felt called to care for women facing an unplanned pregnancy and advocating healthy choices for her pregnancy.

The Mission:
  • Encouraging healthy choices for women, babies and families.
  • Encourage alternatives to abortion.
  • Educate families on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.
  • Bring healing to those hurt by abortion.
  • Equip advocates to minister to clients.
  • Come alongside parents that are trying to break the chain of dysfunction and bring healing choices to their families.
Learn more about the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center at hope4kansas.com.

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